Mask Making Machine

This series Mask Making Machine, include Disposable Surgical Face Mask Making Machine and KN95 Mask Making Machine 

Rotogravure Printing Machine

This series rotogravure printing machine is suitable for roll to roll printing plastic film, aluminum Foil, BOPP, PET, PVC, PVC Foil, PE, CPP and Paper etc. It is widely use in high quality packaging material printing.
rotogravure printing machine sample

Flexographic Printing Machine

This series flexo printing machine is suitable for use rubber plate cylinder roller to roller printing of BOPP, OPP, PE, PVC, PET, CPP, ALV, NY, Paper, Composite Film, Non woven fabric etc. It is widely use in packaging material printing.

flexographic printing machine sample

Flexo Label Printing Machine

This Series self adhesive label printing machine main use for roll to roll printing self adhesive label or paper label etc.

 Wine Capsule Machine

This wine capsule machine use PVC film or polylam film to make Capsules, it can be used for a wide range of beverages including wine, spirits, olive oil, and a wide variety of gourmet food products (sauces, marinades, vinegar etc). These capsules can be applied either by hand or automatically on capsule dispensing machine.

Paper Bag Making Machine

This Series paper bag making Machine is suitable for roller paper feeding to make V bottom food paper with film bag and square bottom paper bag, it’s widely use for food packaging such as KFC, Cake, and Bread etc.

paper bag making machine sample

Non Woven Bag Making Machine

This series non woven bag making machine is suitable use non woven fabrics to make flat bag (D-cut bag), t-shirt bag (vest bag), rope-threading bag (shoes bag), soft-loop handle bag, box bottom bag,one time forming non woven box bag. It is a high efficiently bag making line.

Stand Up Pouch Making Machine

This series pouch making machine is suitable for using Composite Film to make there side sealing bag, middle sealing bag, center sealing bag, four side sealing bag, stand up bag, zipper bag etc

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

This series ultrasonic sewing machine is suitable for sealing of non woven fabric, artificial leather, spun-bonded cotton, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic piece, such as nylon, polyester, ABC, PC, PU, PE, PP, PS, etc.

Plastic Bag Making Machine

This series bag making machine is suitable for making side sealing type BOPP, OPP, POF, PE etc printing and non-printing bags. Which wildly use for Office Stationery packing, such as pen, ruler, notebook etc; electrical parts packing, bread packing, clothes packing, sock packing, flower packaging etc

T-shirt Bag Making Machine

This series bag making machine is suitable for making bottom sealing type Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) printing and non-printing flat bag and t-shirt (vest) bags. Which wildly use for shopping market, clothes packaging, shoes packaging etc.

Rhinestones Polishing Machine

This series Rhinestones Polishing Machine is specially designed for two side pointed rhinestone grinding and polishing, it’s latest new model and high production output efficiency.

Laminating Machine

This series dry laminating machine is suitable for composition of all kinds of materials in packing industry such as plastic-plastic, paper-plastic and aluminum-plastic compositions laminating.

Slitting Machine

This slitting machine is suitable for slitting big size roller materials to small size roller. Such as Plastic film and paper material,aluminium foil, non woven fabric etc.

slitting machine sample

Support Machine

This series machine main use for supporting for printing machine and bag making machine.

Spare Parts

This Series machines are spare part for printing machine, bag making machine

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