Profit margin of non woven bag manufacturing

Since plastic bags are banned in more and more fields, Eco-friendly bags such as paper bag and non woven bags are more popular nowadays.  Without PVC coating used in manufacturing process, non woven bags can burn without toxic contaminants.

We have donging non woven bags machine manufacturing for more than 12 years. And as I know, both non woven bags and paper bags manufacturers earn much profit from per bag at the beginning years. Since it’s a common industry, the profit is more transparent now. So the profits depends on the manufacturing capacity and how much non woven bags you can sell per month. Anyway, the more professional and experienced, the more profits you will earn.

Non woven bags types:

  • Flat bag (D-cut bag)
  • Eco friendly non woven t shirt bag
  • Rope-threading bag (shoes bag)
  • Soft-loop handle bag
  • Box bottom bag
  • One time forming non woven box bag.

Non woven bag making machine capability:

machine modelmachine typemanufacturing capability
KTNW-ANon Woven Bag Making20-120pcs/min
KTNW-ENon Woven Bag Making20-100pcs/min
KTNW-G Non Woven Eco friendly carry bags manufacturing machine40-60pcs/min
KTNW-FNon Woven T shirt Bag Making20-120pcs/min
KTHF-BNon Woven Bag Soft Loop Handle Fixing15pcs/min
KTHF-CNon Woven Bag Soft Loop Handle Welding30pcs/min
KTHF-DPP Woven Bag Soft Loop Handle Welding30pcs/min

KETE non woven bag making machine manufacturer supply a complete range of fully automatic non woven bag making machines for your non woven bag making and printing business.

how much investment to start non woven fabric bag business

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