Paper bag making can be one of the most productive and profitable business if you focus on some key points below. Having stylish look and color, paper bag is the trend in packaging products in market. Only with small or medium investment can vendors gain a quite number of profits, which attracting more investors to flow their funds in this field, so it is a big time and a big marketing opportunity to start paper bag making business.

Marketing opportunities of paper bag making business

Almost everyone is using paper bags for various purposes nowadays for its great advantage, the eco-friendliness. Therefore, Packaging bags are increasingly demand for its recyclable and sustainable features in nearly every commence activity.

Paper bags is essential for commercial usage in every corner, and here are some major areas where paper bags are used.

  • General purposes
  • Shopping bags
  • Food packaging paper bags
  • Paper bags for medical product
  • Gift packaging paper bags
  • Paper bags for wine packaging
  • Advertising paper bags

Since plastic bags can exert harmful effect to the environment, more and more governments introduce relative policies to ban the usage of it, which contributed to the consumption and demand of paper bags. Being the best replacement for plastic shopping bags, paper bags is wanted by many companies to package their products.

Listing the investment for paper bag making business

Generally, the cost for paper bag making business depends on the scale of your business. There are two major types of investment required.

Fixed investment

  • The cost of machinery
  • Land cost
  • Labor rent

Variable investment

  • The cost of raw materials
  • Maintenance cost
  • Transportation cost
  • The cost of advertisement campaign

Registering your Paper Bag company

You can register your company with a name as a limited liability company or an individual household. You need to get mandate or compulsory certification needed for operating the company, then find out if there are any other permits you need in your host country.

With all these things prepared, you can start your business legally.

Selecting area for paper bag making unit

Selecting a suitable location for paper bag making business is important. It should be accessible to deliver raw materials from suppliers and to customers by transportation.

For the major part of investors, they will select an area to start their paper bag manufacturing business. An ideal location of this business is the semi-urban area or urban area because of its convenience in purchasing and transporting and low rents, taxes and manpower costs.

Someone may start making paper bags at home without machinery because the cost is reduced to the minimum, but the productivity is also limited. You do not have to buy a whole stack of automatic paper bag making and printing machines, but a semi-automatic bags machine required at the begging of your paper bag making at home. As profits accumulates, you can consider the expansion from a smaller scale to a larger scale.

While selecting the location, you should figure out the distribution channel and reduce the transportation to the minimum.

Buying raw materials for paper bag making

The quality of your products depends on the raw material used, so it’s necessary to focus on the quality when making paper bags, Paper bags with good quality and fine texture can help you establish competitive advantages and bring your business to the center stage of the paper bag market. There are some considerations when selecting raw materials:

  • Quality
  • Continuous supply quantity
  • Delivery function
  • Cost

Different types of paper bags require different materials, but the following are the basic raw materials:

  • Paper rolls
  • Printing Ink
  • Gums
  • Strings

These raw materials are easily available in the market. You should compare them from different suppliers, then choose raw materials with the best quality that is better than the average. Remember that you do not need to procure them too much one time since it will increase the costs such as storage costs, inventory costs and so on.

Buying paper bag making machines

After determining what type of paper bag you want to manufacture, you should select a proper paper bag making machine.

There are some consideration when you buy paper bag making machine:

  • The price of paper bag making machine
  • The type of paper bags you want manufacture
  • The sizes of paper bag your clients demand
  • Capability of printing paper bags
  • Capability of manufacturing bags

When choosing paper bag making machines, you should pay more attention to its maintenance and durability rather than the cost, because cheap machines may have more problems and produce high repair costs. The quality of machine decides the quality produced, so you are highly recommended to visit a paper bag manufacturing firm.

Here are 8 main machines kete group manufactured for paper bag making. You can choose the most proper one depending on your budget, and it’s better to ask if they provide installing or not.

machine model paper bag type paper bag size Flexo Printing manufacturing capability
KTPM-A250 Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Length:100-450mm Width:70-250mm none 50-350pcs/min
KTPM-A250P Flat and Satchel Paper Bag 2 Colors / 4 Colors 50-350pcs/min
KTPM-AW350 Flat and Satchel Paper Bag (with Plastic Window) Length:155-710mm Width:70-350mm none 50-650pcs/min
KTPM-AW350P Flat and Satchel Paper Bag (with Plastic Window) 2 Colors / 4 Colors 50-650pcs/min
KTPM-B190 Square Bottom Paper Bag Length:190-370mm Width:80-200mm none 30-220pcs/min
KTPM-B190P Square Bottom Paper Bag 2 colors / 4 colors 30-220pcs/min
KTPM-B330/450 Square Bottom Paper Bag Length:270-530mm Width:120-450mm none 30-200pcs/min
KTPM-B330P/450P Square Bottom Paper Bag 2 colors / 4 colors 30-200pcs/min

The price of different paper bag making machines varies depending on their performance such as productivity, the type of paper bag you want to produce and the advanced printing functions.

To really understand how machines works, you need to do a lot of research and you can also contact us by clicking to get further information. You are highly recommended to visit the paper bag manufacturing firm and talk with their manager face to face to know more about different machines. He will give you a clear view of purchasing which kind of machine.

Designing Patterns for paper bags printing.

Without drawing skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you can also get awesome paper bag pattern designs by outsourcing them. Just turn to some freelancer websites such as,, and so on, and there’re many skilled freelancers who can create perfect paper bag design at low price.

  • Search “paper bag pattern”, “paper bag design” at
  • Find out the best one and place an order
  • Interview the freelancer about your paper bag pattern
  • Send a sketch or the business logo of your clients to the freelancer
  • Provide all you demand (the drawing will be delivered to you within 3-7 days)
  • Give payment after the work is delivered

When interview the freelancer, you can give your demand of designing the pattern or describe your customer’s demand and the fields, then the freelancer will be clearly instructed.

Establishing your brand

Establishing your uniqueness can enhance customer’s trust. The logo represents the image of your company, so it is essential to attract customers. You can also outsource them to professional freelancers or designing firms because the logo need to be professional so it can entrust and attract customers.

Another way to increase customer’s trust is creating your own website that can not only gaining orders and traffic but also give a channel to provide after-sale service. You can also display and promote your product via different social media platforms. Then tying your individual website and platforms together.

You can also post the advertisement on the Internet or at the local media to increase your visibility.

Starting making paper bags

In general, after everything is prepared, it’s time to make paper bags. There are a few fixed steps in making process:

  • Deciding the size of paper bags
  • Pressing the paper and sticking them with gum
  • Printing specific information required by your customers
  • Folding, pasting and shearing the paper into paper bags
  • Punching and attaching strings
  • Packaging paper bags for transportation

Steps may differ when using different machines, but most steps is automatically operated with the help of paper bag making machine. The machine firm provides machines not using tutorials. Although the machine is highly automatic, there are still a lot of things you need to learn, especially understanding how the machine works. But in most circumstances, what need you do is monitoring the making process in case of a problem and loading raw material timely.

Expanding sales channels and promotion

Since market is always competitive, you have to do proper planning before start paper bag manufacturing. do some survey and research of the local market. You can also focus on online market or do two things at the same time.

Local retail market and wholesale market

You can cooperate with local trader and wholesaler at the premise of investigating the demand for paper bag at the area. Generally, cooperate and contract with these distributor will save your time and energy.

According to different usage of paper bags, you can find these shops as examples as follows:

  • Shopping Bags
  • Medical Shops
  • Gift Shops
  • Shoes Shops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Food or Snack Stores
  • Stationery Shops
  • Book Shops

Online B2B&B2C websites

Likewise, you can provide packaging paper bag for these online stores as we mentioned above. Furthermore, retailing or wholesaling paper bags by yourself is also practical.

Here are some major e-commerce platforms:

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Bigcommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly

Final word

Starting a paper bag making business is definitely profitable. The best way to get some knowledge and experience in this business is to visit a paper bag making firm. The smaller the scale is, the more things you need to handle. You need effort, time, energy and money.

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