Paper Bag Making Business

Paper bag making business can be the most productive and profitable business if you focus on some key points below.

marketing opportunities of paper bag making business

Almost everyone are using paper bags for various purpose nowadays. The growing adoption of sustainable packaging with biodegradable and eco-friendly materials has triggered a huge demand for paper bags in recent times.

Here are some major areas where paper bags are used.

  • Shopping bags
  • Food packaging Paper bags
  • Paper bags for medical product
  • Gift packaging paper bags.
  • Paper bags for wine packaging
  • Advertising paper bags

Since plastic bags are polluting substance, more and more governments not allows to use it. The paper bag is the best replacement for plastic shopping bags. It is a big marketing opportunity to start paper bag making business.

Start your paper bag making business at home

Someone may started making paper bags at home without machinery. But the production is too tiny. you do not have to buy a whole stack of  automatic paper bag making and printing machines, but a semi-automatic bags machine is accessory at the begging of your paper bag making at home.

Since market is always competitive, you have to do proper planning before start paper bag manufacturing. do some survey and research of the local market.

Buying paper bag making machines

Facts you should take to consideration when you buy paper bag making machine:

  • Paper bag making machine price
  • what type of paper bags you want manufacture.
  • Paper bag sizes your clients demond.
  • Do you need printing to paper bags.
  • bags manufacturing capability you need.

Here are 8 main paper bag making machines kete group manufactured.

machine modelpaper bag typepaper bag sizeFlexo Printingmanufacturing capability
KTPM-A250Flat and Satchel Paper BagLength:100-450mm Width:70-250mmnone50-350pcs/min
KTPM-A250PFlat and Satchel Paper Bag2 Colors / 4 Colors50-350pcs/min
KTPM-AW350Flat and Satchel Paper Bag (with Plastic Window)Length:155-710mm Width:70-350mmnone50-650pcs/min
KTPM-AW350PFlat and Satchel Paper Bag (with Plastic Window)2 Colors / 4 Colors50-650pcs/min
KTPM-B190Square Bottom Paper BagLength:190-370mm Width:80-200mmnone30-220pcs/min
KTPM-B190PSquare Bottom Paper Bag2 colors / 4 colors30-220pcs/min
KTPM-B330/450Square Bottom Paper BagLength:270-530mm Width:120-450mmnone30-200pcs/min
KTPM-B330P/450PSquare Bottom Paper Bag2 colors / 4 colors30-200pcs/min

How to design Patterns for paper bags printing.

Without drawing skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you can get awesome paper bag pattern designs. Just turn to website, there’re many skilled freelancers who can create perfect paper bag design at low price.

  • search “paper bag pattern”, “paper bag design” at fiverr
  • find out the best one and place an order
  • Talk with the freelancer about your paper bag pattern.
  • send a sketch or the business logo of your clients to the freelancer.
  • provide all you demond
  • The drawing will be delivered to you within 3-7 days.

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