Many believe that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags

Many believe that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags because they are made from a renewable resource, can biodegrade, and are recyclable. Paper doesn’t destroy nature as much as plastic. Paper can be burned or eaten by an animal or human and can be simply gone.
Plastic never goes away it always comes back. If you burn it then the little pieces blow away and there will be plastic in the air that can hurt or can land in food and we can eat it and it can cause damage to our human health. People throw away plastic and recycle it but it starts to go in the dirt and the water and goes to the ocean, rivers and waterways. The animals think its food so they eat it. It goes in their stomachs and its gets them sick and they eventually die cause they think they are full but there is just a bunch of plastic and there is no room for food so they are basically starving themselves. Also plastic is made of crude oil which is bad cause well the factories and that is air pollution and water pollution. So paper does not destroy our enviroment, plastic does.

The science shows that moving from plastic to paper is not necessarily ‘greener’.

A lot of people think that plastic bags destroy our nature, and I was actually one of them for a very long time until I became involved with these type of things in my career to learn it totally different. (like the burning thing you mentioned) Our plastic shopping bags are actually made out of Ethane, which is then burned off in the natural gas refining process. they end up playing an important role in the conservation of the natural gas resource because of this.. they even did tons of comparative assessments on the number of life cycles to demonstrate that plastic bags are much better for the environment than paper bags are. Plus you can rarely reuse paper bags seeing that they rip after the first use, and the manufacture and solid waste generation and volume is HUGE HUGE compared to that of plastic bags. Between it ruining tons of animals habitats through its destruction, the machinery they need & the fossil fuel with the entire logging process and getting them out of there by helicopters as well as the trucks if its a remote place and not accessible, and also with the manufacturing it’s much more resource intensive using 4 times more energy and water. With paper bags there is so much more mass and volume because it ends up being 5 to 7 times more when it comes to solid waste for the municipalities to manage, then that is 5 to 7 times more greenhouse gas emissions too as well. I mean they obviously both have pros and cons, because seeing that plastic bags can be used for quite a few different things but the huge problem is how people nowadays are so ridiculous and lazy and don’t care about things like they should, so just litter and they end up all over the place, which then animals can ingest them like you mentioned or even get caught in the handles or them in general in the ocean ponds or lakes etc. Its so sad.

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