Wine Capsule Machine Professional Supplier in China

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Fully Automatic Wine Capsule Machine Manufacturer (PVC Shrink Capsules / Polylam Capsules)

Machine to make wine bottle shrink caps and Complex-foil Capsules for wine

This series wine capsule machine use PVC shrink film to make heat shrink caps and Multi-ply aluminium foil material to produce of aluminum capsules and polylaminate capsules in different size and thickness with good finished for the wine, food and industrial sectors. it widely use for red wine bottle, white wine bottle or olive oil bottle top security sealing application. The skirt can be hot stamped (or pre-stamped) with or without an aluminium (or non shrink PVC) top disk which may be printing, pre-stamped or hot stamped, embossing and punching. Moreover, the skirt can add easy open horizontal tear-off tabs, Circular perforations, continuous separation ring or interrupted separation ring. top disc can support 2 color hot stamp or 1 color printing on embossed surface.  All these options are highly finished. Customer can choice our PVC Wine Capsules Machine, Polylam Wine Capsule Machine, Multifunction PVC and Polylaminate Wine Capsule Machine, Machine speed up to 120capsules/min or 180capsules/min for your choice.

Fully Automatic Champagne Capsule Machine (Champagne Capsules)

Machine For Produce of Complex-foil Champagne Capsules

This Series wine capsule making machine use Multi-ply Aluminium foil material to produce of Champagne capsules in different size and thickness with good finished for sparkling wine, it can optional most function of sparkling wine cap, like skirt embossing, skirt easy open tear-off tabs, skirt breath hole, skirt round bottom, skirt shape bottom, skirt tongue bottom. skirt 2 color or 3 color hot stamp, top disc 1 color hot stamp etc. Machine speed up to 180-200 capsules/min

Tube Feeding Heat Shrink Capsule Making Machine (PVC Capsules)

Machine to Make Heat Shrink Capsules and Gas Capsules

This series heat shrink capsule making machine use tube type PVC shrink film to make pvc shrink capsules for wine bottles in different size and thickness with top disc(Aluminum foil / non shrink PVC film) or without top disc or with PP Cap, it is support optional pvc heat shrink capsules skirt vertical perforation or red wine capsules horizontal circular perforation for easy open application. it is widely use for red wine, white wine, olive oil, food bottle top security sealing. Machine speed up to 80capsules/min

Wine Capsule Machine Leading Supplier in China

As one of leading wine capsule machine manufacturers in china, KETE can provide one-stop solution of wine capsule making machine (12 – spindle main head) for making wine bottle capsules, aluminum capsule, Polylamamite capsules and Champagne capsules in different sizes and thickness with good finished. our machine have CE certification and RoHS Certification. and machine speed up to 120capsules/min or 180capsules/min. our machine already sold to china 95% market, china top brand red wine and white wine company are use our machine to make wine capsule or use wine capsules made by our machine. like “Maotai”, “Changyu”, “Greatwall”, “Zhongliang”,” Dynasty”, “Weilong”, ” Shangri-la” etc. and our machine had sold to foreign country also, like “Portugal”, “Russia”, “Armenia”, “Ukraine”, “Chile”, “Sri Lanka” etc. we also provided our customer customized service for making custom capsule machine, we had make customized machine for our customer automatic making gas capsules with PP cap on top. small size wine capsules machine, big size heat shrink capsules making machine etc.

Our machine can support most wine capsules function use on market. for example: pvc capsules skirt perforation, wine shrink caps skirt 2 color hot stamp, shrink capsules skirt easy open tear-off tab, polylam capsules skirt continuous separation ring, wine bottle foil capsules skirt interrupted separation ring , top disc 2 color hot stamp, top disc embossing, head disk pouched, polylaminate capsules top disc 1 color raised printing etc.
Compare of Germany and Italy made high speed (180capsules/min or 270capsules/min) wine capsule machine, our machine speed is 120capsules/min or 180capsules/min with simple construction, it is speed lower than that machines, but our machine made the wine capsules function and quality is similar like them just speed lower, and our machine price is just 30-50% of Germany or Italy Wine Capsule machine.

Nowadays the wine capsules making business had changed, some years before most wine capsules order are big quantity with same design, but nowadays most customer big order are separate to different design small order, even the order total quantity had increased but produce profit is less, due to operate adjust time waste and material waste. so better solution is buy some more machine with less speed, less price and easy operate. then big order use high speed machine do it. less quantity order use less speed machine do it. our machine each function is separate control and each parts adjust is Independent, will not influence other unit, it is simple construction and easy operate. So currently, our machine is good choice.

Also for some new customer want to start this wine capsules making business our machine is good choice, investing our machine just need about 1-2years can recover machine investment cost, but Germany and Italy machine need 6-10years. our machine change new mold just need about 20min and it is support Blowing shrink film and Cast shrink film both, so use our machine produce wine capsules cost will much cheaper than your Competitor.

The wine capsules produced are widely used as decorative and protective cover for wine bottles or in other applications where coverage is required. Our wine capsule machine produces in pvc wine caps, pvc capsules for wine bottles , foil caps for wine bottles , wine pvc shrink capsules, red wine cap, shrink capsules for bottles, custom pvc shrink capsules , heat shrink wine capsules , pvc shrink capsules with tear tabs are the most widespread security seal whose application is widely used and very versatile. The heat shrink wine capsules produced by our wine capsule machines can be applied as a corkscrew on both bottles with cork closure. our wine capsule machine with high quality and safety standards. due to the solid chassis that increases the resistance to mechanical stress, it is can maximum reduction of machine vibrations.

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