Wine Capsule Machine For Sale At Factory Price

As one of China famous wine capsule machine manufacturers, KETE provides one-stop solution of shrink PVC capsules and polylaminte capsules making machine.

With our shrink capsule machine you can produce wine capsules, wine bottle caps, heat shrink caps, wine bottle shrink caps, pvc shrink capsules, wine bottle capsules, shrink capsules, shrink cap, champagne bottle cap, wine bottle shrink wrap, bottle capsule, wine shrink caps, wine bottle heat shrink capsules, pvc capsules, heat shrink capsules, polylaminate capsules, polylam capsules,etc.

 customer just start wine capsules making business, want to take wine capsule machine cheap cost and choice our KTPC-A Series shrink capsule machine, but if u already other Italy or Germany Wine capsules machine u can choice our KTPC-C Series wine capsule machine or KTPC-D Series wine capsule machine are good.

customer want to see our wine capsule machine video or shrink capsule machine video can visit our wine capsules machine video center.

As a china leader wine capsule machine suppliers our shrink capsule machine cost compare with Italy and Germany wine capsule machine cost are cheap, so it is low cost wine capsule machine you can choice, just our machine speed is 120pcs/min or 200pcs/min it is little lower than Italy or Germany wine capsule machine. but our wine capsules machine can make wine capsules with different function in one machine, like Skirt Perforation, easy tear-off tabs, skirt 2 color hot stamp, top disc 2 color hot stamp, top disc 1 color raised printing etc.

if you are interested in the price list of  our wine capsule machine, shrink capsule machine price and  wine bottle shrink wrap machine, please feel free to contact our sales consultant or send us an inquiry form. also if u want to know wine capsule machine cost of produce wine capsules we also can teach u how to counting.

we also have 16sets wine bottle shrink wrap machine to produce wine capsules. if u need buy shrink capsules we also can supplier for u.

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