Customized Flexible Packaging Solutions & Integrations

KETE build personalized solutions and custom integrations converting machinery for specific flexible packaging business needs.

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Paper Bag

Automatic paper bag making machine for bag manufacturing business.

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Non-woven Bag

Non woven bag making machine for your bag making business.

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Plastic Bag

Plastic bag making machine, sealing machine for plastic bag manufacturers

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Stand Up Pouch

Machine for making laminated zipper bag, stand up bag etc

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Wine Capsules

Wine capsule machine for making PVC capsules or Polylam capsules


KETE provide whole solution for your paper bags and non woven bag making business. 

paper bag making machine

Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper bag making Machines KETE manufactured is suitable for roller paper feeding to make V bottom food paper bags and square bottom paper bag, it's widely use for food packaging such as KFC, Cake, and Bread etc.

non woven bag making machine

Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Non woven bag making machines KETE manufactured is suitable use non woven fabrics to make flat bags, t-shirt bags (vest bag), rope-threading bag (shoes bag), soft-loop handle bag, box bottom bag, one time forming non woven box bag. It is a high efficiently bag making line.

flexographic printing machine

Flexographic Printing Machine

Flexo printing machines KETE manufactured is suitable for use rubber plate cylinder roller to roller printing of BOPP, OPP, PE, PVC, PET, CPP, ALV, NY, Paper, Composite Film, Non woven fabric etc. It is widely use in packaging material printing.

wine capsule machine

Wine Capsule Machine

Wine Capsule machines KETE manufactured use the shrinkable PVC or PET film or Polylaminate material to make big size Wine Capsules with different optional functional. it is wildly use for water tank, bear tank security sealing.

What Makes Us The Right Choice

We are listening your idea to satisfy with your customized requirement by integrating all resources
and gathering all the experiences we have.

High Value Machinery

KETE engineers seriously give feedback or discussion for your every single inquiry, and listening your ideas to satisfy with your customized requirement by integrating all resources and gathering all the experiences we have.

We Know More Than You Want

Our trained inspectors ensure every part will be well produced and inspected according to your specified standard and tolerances, with flexible manual measurement and high-tech measuring instrument. The inspection report from the third-party can also be issued.


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We have professional teams in machinery design and manufacturing, 
and we also have good experienced sales consultant provide you comfortable service for international market business

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