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As one of famous paper bag making machine manufacturers in China, KETE provides one-stop solution of  automatic food paper bag manufacturing machine for paper bag manufacturers all over the world. Our machines have CE certification and RoHS Certification. Our major types of paper bag machine are : flat and satchel paper bag manufacturing machine, and square bottom paper carry bag  machine. What makes us different from other paper bag making machine suppliers is that, instead of providing a low price of bags making machinery with low quality, we provide machines with proven design to help you get the lowest bag manufacturing cost.

Automatic V Bottom Food Paper Bag Making Machine

This flat and satchel paper bag machine use roller type paper to make sharp bottom paper bags, which are widely used for food packaging, such as bread paper bag, KFC Chicken wings paper bag, potato chip paper bag, snack paper bag, fish paper bag, meat paper bag, dry fruit paper bag and ECO friendly paper bag and so on.

Sample paper food bags

Automatic Paper Food Bag Manufacturing Machine Video

Paper bag Manufacturing Machine Specifications:

paper bag typeFlat and Satchel Paper Bag
paper bag sizeLength:100-450mm Width:70-250mm
manufacturing capability50-350pcs/min
Flexo Printing2 Colors / 4 Colors / None

Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

This Series Roll feeding square bottom paper bag making machines use printed or non printed roller paper as raw material to make various sized square bottom paper bags without handle. With the machine, you can produce paper bags with 3 kinds of bottom style. Optional devices for making D-cutting paper bags, Double Layer paper bags, Film patch paper bags and window open paper bags are also available. We also provide inline 2 color or 4 color flexo printing machines for customer choice. It is a high production machine for making food paper bag, brown paper bag, paper gift bags, white paper bags, kraft paper bags, paper carry bag, paper shopping bags, recycled paper bags, paper food bags, brown paper gift bags, brown gift bags etc

Kraft Paper Bags Sample

Kraft Paper Bag Machine Video

Machine Specifications:

paper bag typeFlat and Satchel Paper Bag
paper bag sizeLength:155-710mm Width:70-350mm
manufacturing capability50-650 pcs/min
Flexo Printing2 Colors / 4 Colors / None

Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

This Series of paper bag  machine with printing function provide 2 color or 4 color inline flexo printing. The printing sector can be powered off when you do not need it. So customers can use this machine to make paper bags with or without printing, it is more suitable for customer have big order or customer want to save labor cost. If your single paper bags making order is not very big but have many orders, we suggest KTFP-BP high speed paper flexo printing machine, one KTFP-BP printing machine can provide printing for at least 3 sets paper bag making machine.

Sample Paper Bags With Printing

Paper Food Bag Making Machine Video

Roll to Roll Paper Bag Printing Machine (Flexo Printing)

2 color/ 4 color /6 color paper printing machine

This Series paper roll printing machine can do roll to roll paper flexo printing on paper or laminated paper surface, it is use rubber plate to do the printing work. With one of these machines, you could print high quality photo design on papers, then use this printed roller paper to make paper bags. One paper flexo printing machine can provide printing for 3-5sets paper bag making machines. Compared with the price of inline printing machine, the price of this paper printing machine is higher for its higher production capacity. So it is more suitable for customers who have big quantity of paper bags manufacturing orders. Paper bag printing speed up to 120m/min.

Paper Bag Printing Machine Video

Automatic Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

Paper Handle Sample

This Series of paper bag handle making machine use roller paper to make flat handles or twisted handles. It is essential for manufacturing paper bags with handle. After paper handle making process, you can use KTPM-HP handle pasting machine to paste handles to square bottom paper bags.

Paper Bags Handle Making Video

Paper Carry Bag Handle Making Machines For Sale

Automatic Paper Carry Bag Handle Pasting Machine

Paper handle pasting machine are used for pasting paper handle to the body of paper bags, both flat handle and twisted handle both. Both roll feeding square bottom paper bag and roll feeding square bottom paper bags are suitable. It is good choice for paper bags manufacturers who have handle paper bags order with quantity less than 50000pcs or small size paper handle bag order.

Paper Carry Bags With Handles Sample

Handle Pasting Machine Video

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High Speed Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Price List

Are you seeking for low price paper bag making machine? As a paper bag  machine manufacturer, we understand that machinery cost is an important consideration when starting your paper bag making business. Compared with the price of paper bag machine from turkey and other countries, our price are cheaper.  But compared with other bag making machine manufacturers in china, our automatic machine price is little higher, for our control system and most of electrical parts we use are imported from Germany or Japan.

Paper bag making machine models


KTPM-A250 Series Food Paper Bag Making Machine Price

USD50,000.00 – USD65,000.00

KTPM-A250P Series Inline Printing Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine Price

USD70,000.00 – USD85,000.00

KTPM-AW350 Series Window Open Paper Bag Machine Price

USD100,000.00 – USD120,000.00

KTPM-AW350P Series Inline Printing Brown Paper Bag Making Machine Price

USD120,000.00 – USD160,000.00

KTPM-B190 Series Square Bottom Automatic Paper Bag  Machine Price

USD100,000.00 – USD120,000.00

KTPM-B190P Series Inline Printing Square Bottom Paper Carry Bag Machine Price

USD120,000.00 – USD160,000.00

KTPM-B330 Series Square Bottom Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Price

USD120,000.00 – USD150,000.00

KTPM-B330P Series Inline Printing Square Bottom Carry Bag Manufacturing Machine Price

USD140,000.00 – USD180,000.00

Do not hesitate  to contact our sales consultant to get the detailed price. We can also teach you how to calculate the cost of starting your paper machine making business including machine cost, material cost and other cost.

KETE provides all types of paper bag machine for your bag making factory. We have more than 160 installation of paper bag making machines in China and overseas like U.S., Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, South Africa, Nigeria,  Congo, Kenya,  Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

We can customize your paper bag making line according to your needs like shopping bag sizes, handles types.

if you only make small paper bags for food, a paper bag machine with printing fuction is enough. If you tend to make shopping bags with handle, paper handle making machine and paper bag handle pasting machine is must.

Everything is customizable for you from professional paper bag machine manufacturer, including:

  • Paper bags size range.
  • With or without inner printing machine.
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic.
  • With or without plastic window on paper bags.
  • Flat paper handle/twisted paper handle
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